Henry’s Acres

December 2020 – Had good success this fall with arugula, radishes, kale, colards, & lettuces. NEVER got spinach to germinate even though temperatures where ideal, Used a soil block maker and that worked great with kale. We’ll try it with spinach (not giving up), We reluctantly came to the conclusion that direct seeding on some crops doesn’t give reliable germination so we will look at soil blocking so we can be more consistent and predicatable about growth and yields. As of this writing (December) we have some kale collards and lettuce left.

With under 10 hours a dunlight all the veggies are dormant and not growing. Thanks fo reading.

————————We grow your food with no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. We are small non-certified organic farm located in Rock Hill South Carolina. We use no-dig and no till practices. Only inputs are compost, azomite (rock dust) and CoopPoop fertilizer. See the FAQ section for more info.