Henry’s Acres

Fall/Winter 2021 – Summer went well however the deer have made themselves at home. They loved the green beans and leaves on the cucumber plants. We tried to block them by draping nets on the rows. This worked (kinda) but they sometimes nosed under the net and munched away. The nets were awkward to handle and althogh they were sturdy, affordable and arrived on time, we will try floating row cover next year. Eventually we will probably need a fence as that is the really only true deer repellent. Fall is tough as it is still in the 80s and 90s in September so it is hard to germinate lettuce, carrot and spinach seeds. Arugula, carrots & cilantro germinated well but waited until October to germinate as attemots in September resulted in low germination and wasted water and time. Spinach & lettuce germinated extremely poorly or not at all even into October. Resorted to germinating indoors (lettuce) which worked great. Spinach finally germinated well but had to wait until November for temps to go down for that to happen. By this time there are too few hours of daylight for growth but we have plenty of stuff in the ground under row covers and it will be ready in the winter when daylight hours increase.

The interest in our food is still steady and it seems like we are only limited by the amount we can grow.

The chickens are now grown and are happy running around in a big 500×500 fenced wooded area where they forage and hang out all day. They are “free rangers” for sure and we will keep them even after they stop producing eggs. We intend this to be their “forever home”

Thanks for reading!

————————We grow your food with no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. We are small non-certified organic farm located in Rock Hill South Carolina. We use no-dig and no till practices. Only inputs are compost, azomite (rock dust) and CoopPoop fertilizer. See the FAQ section for more info. Note: We used castile soap with water this month to try and repel aphids.