Henry’s Acres

Spring/Summer 2022 –

Sorry for not posting in a while. The spring went well. Successfully germinated lettuce, radishes, arugula carrots (mostly). I direct seeded the last month in March (lettuce & radishes) and had great germination. Arugula germination was not as good (aprox 80%) but that is probably because I did not properly water to get germination to occur. Carrots did well too when I re-tried after a first failed attempt. We have a new technique for carrots: Fill a 2″ x 50′ furrow with fine garden soil. I used Pro-Mix. Water heavily with waterering can. Lay drip tape on top of the furrow containing seed and pro-mix. KEEP MOIST! 100% germination with temps in the mid-low 80s. Lettuce lasted until mid June. Radishes could have also went that long but I didn’t have time to plant in late June. For summer we planted Blue Lake bushbeans (1 50′ row every two weeks.) They beans look 100% better than anything in the store and they sell well. We also grew cucumbers (Tasty Green) on a trellis. Planted about 15 we started from soil blocks and they are pounding our cucmbers. We have to give them away as there is just not alot of demand. We pick about 60-70 a week! They are a differnt looking cuc than people here are used to seeing. (Tasty Green). but they look and taste amazing. I tested jericho romain which was bred to handle handle heat and the lettuce lasted great into early July until it finally bolted as it was 2 months old. Next summer we will grow jericho along with some other heat tolerant lettuces and go full steam with summer lettuce as there is a demand for it.

The interest in our food is still steady.

The chickens are now grown and are happy running around in a big 500×500 fenced wooded area where they forage and hang out all day. One died died of natural causes (yes we did have an autopsy done). Her liver burst. 2 others just disappeared, we suspect they flew out of their enclosure in the daytime. and a predator got them. The electric fence is working and they have not been attacked at night. They are living the dream life. They are “free rangers” for sure and we will keep them even after they stop producing eggs. We intend this to be their “forever home”

Thanks for reading!


We grow your food with no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. We are small non-certified organic farm located in Rock Hill South Carolina. We use no-dig and no till practices. Only inputs are compost, azomite (rock dust) and CoopPoop fertilizer. See the FAQ section for more info.