Henry’s Acres

Spring/Summer 2021 – We had a great spring. We planted Kale and bunching onions in November/December of last year and over-wintered them. When April came all was ready to harvest. We bought bib and romaine (lettuce) starts in March. These were also ready by mid-April. We also planted arugula, radishes, carrots and a lettuce mix which all came up fast with great germination in April as well. All sold well. Next time we will plant a 1/4 row of arugula at a time as it begain to bolt, get too large and unattractive. We didn’t sell all the lettuce as we had planted three full rows and it is time time to crop out as it gets too bitter come June, We also harvested aprox 100 garlic bulbs in early May which we had planted in November. They looked amazing and sold out in two weeks.

In May we have planted green beans (always popular) as well as squash, zucchini and cucumbers. We also planted eggplant but there is a serious bug (aphid?) attack that might kill them. We are trying to combat it by spraying castile soap and water to repel the bugs. We might try lady-bugs.

The interest in our food is steady we have sold more this spring than ever and if we stressed our marketing efforts more we could sell alot more but there is only so much time in the day. Thanks for reading!

Almost Forgot to mention: We bought 12 more chickens. They are growing and we look forward to their egg productions.

————————We grow your food with no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. We are small non-certified organic farm located in Rock Hill South Carolina. We use no-dig and no till practices. Only inputs are compost, azomite (rock dust) and CoopPoop fertilizer. See the FAQ section for more info. Note: We used castile soap with water this month to try and repel aphids.