Question: How do you control bugs and pests?
Answer: We only have twelve rows so we can keep a close eye and pick bugs off by hand. We also use row covers. We believe that the bugs can sense a sick or weak plant so if your soil and plants are healthy we think the pest pressure will be reduced.We plant flowers (we need more) and are trying to encourage and build a habitat that invites beneficial insects and birds to assist with keeping pest population under control. We also have some frogs who patrol the rows in the evening and at night.

Question: Do you sell your produce? If so where?
Answer: Our veggies are available at the Rock Hill Farmers Market, Catawba Fresh Market, and the Peach Stand in Ft Mill.

Question: Can we visit your Farm?
Answer: Yes! We are very interested in showing people who are buying or are thinking about buying to see where and how your food is grown.

Question: Do you farm full time?
Answer: No we do not. At this time this is a part time venture.

Question: How can we get in touch with you?
Answer: Please email us [email protected]. With any questions, a request for a visit, etc.